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The pulps are hungry

August 13, 2011

I am not a man of words (at least not in non-fiction), so I will keep this short.

By September 1st I am starting to publish a short story a day. I will use this blog to update anyone curious about this project on my progress.


  1. Only published stories count. Erotica though has been known to be held up (for example by Apple) to be checked by mark 1 eyeball, therefore…
  2. “Published” means uploaded. To kdp and smashwords, the latter uploading it practically everywhere else. The places are subject to change, as new businesses arrive and old ones go belly-up/are no longer viable for some reason or other.
  3. A short story, in the context of this project, is a completed piece of fiction between 3,000 and 6,000 words. (12 to 24 pages in a regular book)
  4. The first year is exclusively focused on short stories and mostly focused on erotica.
  5. There are 8 weeks each year, reserved for holidays, sick days and OMYGODMYDAYJOBISONFIRE days. This will result in 308 stories published by evening August 31st each year.
  6. Stories will be bundled into collections, but collections do not count as new stories.

I will post the titles, covers and links of everything I publish on this blog. This will include at least two titles I will be publishing in August.


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