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Five thousand words cracked

August 28, 2011

Over the last two weeks I have slowly built up my daily word count to get it to the point I need it at.

  • 18th: 1000 words
  • 19th: 1000 words
  • 20th: 1500 words
  • 21st: 2000 words
  • 22nd: 2500 words
  • 23rd: off
  • 24th: 3000 words
  • 25th: 3500 words
  • 26th: 4000 words
  • 27th: 4500 words
  • 28th:  5000 words

Today I cracked the 5000 words. As you can see, I take one day per week off (At the moment that’s Tuesday). The further plan is:

  • 29th: 5000 words
  • 30th: off
  • 31st: 5000 words
  • September 1st: 5000 words
  • 2nd: 5000 words
  • 3rd: 5000 words
  • etc

As you can see this will net me 30,000 words per week, averaging 4285.7 words for each of the seven stories I intend to publish each week.

Having done this makes me feel woozy in the head. Hopefully I will get used to this eventually.

My average word count per hour is down from 900-1000 to 700. Even lower when I try to piece together an erotica scene. Doesn’t bother me. It took me seven hours today to write five thousand words, more than acceptable from a time management point of view. Also when I write, the hours fly by. Just me, the writing and my current word count.


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