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Skinny Dipping

September 3, 2011

This one actually has characters! With backstories, personality and everything.


. I tossed the condom into the forest, hitting an acorn. Maybe that splooge would eventually drip out and create a talking magic tree of some kind.


Just kind of fit in there.


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  1. LOL! Humor always a plus.

    This project is reminding me of Lawrence Block’s irreverent take on his earlier erotic projects, done for the money and the practice. Keep going!

    • Well guess who inspired me to do this? ;-P
      Besides: Bad erotica is still decent erotica. This is my kind of genre. The genre where someone with bad to mediocre writing skills – like, for example, me – can make a little bit of money by just writing and improving like crazy.

  2. Good on you, man! The key is that last bit: earn and learn. I remember reading about Block and erotica and thinking it would be nice if I could…but years later, I still have trouble with writing erotica (and no trouble writing action/violence). Maybe that’s the American cultural effect, lol. I guess that’s another fruitful field for a challenge.

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