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This might just become my personal hymn…

September 6, 2011

Hiya, folks! As you know I write 5k six days a week and take Tuesdays off. Right now I am enjoying my free day, kicking it old school to MC Frontalot’s “Indier than thou”.

Lyrics over here.


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  1. A day off, how dare you! (LOL)

    Hope you had a good one, and it’s good to see you back on pace. I have yet to hit the official 5k, but I feel it coming. Soon!

    • 5k is quite doable. Check out this post. Had I tried to go from 900 to 7000, like you had, I would have failed too. For me personally, this is just a matter of rhythm. The more I establish a habit, the more easily I can get out of bed early in the morning, even though I really, really don’t like it for the first five minutes or so.

      And yes, I take days off. The deal is publishing a story a day, not writing a story a day. ;-P
      Would I try to write 5k seven days a week I would end up as a burned-out Voldemort baby, franatically trying to produce one hundred words an hour.

  2. Publishing/writing: Well, there you go! :) It does help to remind myself I just need to *write* the wordcount per day, and not necessarily all on one story, as long as I finish the stories I start.

    I did get close (4k in a day) before I crashed, but today’s another day to take a whack at it.

    Thanks for the advice. Although, one hundred words an hour doesn’t seem bad when I’m sitting in front of the keyboard, stumped…lol.

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