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Sam Lee was right. (As was Nora Roberts and also Stephen King)

September 11, 2011

I am scientifically minded. I don’t see my ego hurt when I realize I have been wrong about something, but rather I celebrate it.

I will probably write a little bit more erotica on the side, to fill the collections. Apart from that, I am through with that. As soon as I realized that, my imagination started working again. As of today, I am writing again. Expect to see my first SF story published on September 16th.

Big thanks to Sam Lee for helping me out on this one.


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  1. If I know anything it’s because I learned it from somebody further down the road than myself. Glad I could help out. :-)

    I take wrong turns all the time; sometimes I can get back to the main road fairly quickly and other times it feels like turning an iceberg.

    Can’t wait to see what your new wellspring springs forth! :-D

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