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# Work Day – 56 days left #

September 17, 2011

My pipeline is regrettably empty and my day job is calling. I have 365 – 308 = 57 days from September 1st 2011 to August 31st 2012 specifically reserved for cases like these.

Now there are 56 days left.

I have still written today (and will hopefully write a little bit more later this evening), but I am going to use this as a cushion.


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  1. Working day job on Saturday = boo.

    Don’t get caught up in treating your SF writing too differently from your previous approaches if you’re finding yourself stopped up and unable to write, though. Remember Heinlein and Dean, lol.

    • I don’t lie on this blog. It would eliminate accountability (big part of motivation).
      I work as a system administrator. That means I get called in whenever there is stuff to do. If that stuff is urgent, I get called in on short notice. Since the company I work for also owns a store, my boss works on Saturday (meaning: So do I). Mostly I do little stuff remotely as people report their problems to me over the week and rattle off my remaining hours over the weekend. Hence I work more on weekends than on regular work days.

      Also: Thanks for making the effort to call me on my shit. Believe it or not, knowing there is someone who will do this will be a huge help to me. :-)

  2. That didn’t come out right, then…I was commiserating with you, not doubting you had a work day. :) The comment about writing was re: with your post from the day before, about the different self-expectations in writing SF vs erotica.

    Cool to find out what your DJ is (although I’m not quite clear on the sysadmin-store link? lol), and I agree: it’s good to have a fellow writer-accountability buddy who takes no excuses. :)

    And now I have to go read my latest post to respond to your other comment properly. lol.

  3. *hands raised* You got me! I posted a bit of a blog about the writing muscles idea, but I’m off to write. :D

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