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Poseidon’s Priest

September 18, 2011


Thank you, Sam Lee. This 5000 words story was written in less than five hours!

Maybe I will write some comments on the story itself later on. Way too tired right now.

I got up at 9am had it done by 2pm, worked an hour on spell-checking, removal of my tags and creating a cover, then the upload failed literally a minute before I had to go to catch my bus. Grrrr. It should be up now.


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  1. You’re welcome, lol. Glad whatever I wrote helped you produce. Way to go on the pace and getting it done and up!

    • You told me to remember Dean Wesley Smith and Robert Heinlein. Then I remembered how I used to write and decided, why not try? No dwelling on the plot. Just pure creativity.

  2. Nice! Glad that worked. I get caught up in worrying about plotting all the time (especially lately), and it makes it difficult to loosen up enough to actually WRITE. Stomping the brake and gas pedals at the same time = gets no new words done, and I only realize this after a day or so of avoiding writing. Now I have to figure out ways to trick myself into getting out of that thinking.

    The Jars cover isn’t too bad! You can always change it later if you like, and yes, you are probably seeing it after the end of a very long day, lol. I have a couple of covers that need serious reworking too, but writing new words comes first, as always.

    “I can screw up an individual story, use it as a learning experience and do not need to let it affect me in any way.”

    Right on. (I do not envy you your day-linked production schedule, btw. Well, actually, now that I think about it, I do. You just have the pressure of write it, finish it, post it, and move on to the next story, with a fresh slate for the next day, whereas I just have more rope to choke myself. Drat.)

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