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September 19, 2011

Worst cover I ever did by a long shot (and I am counting the ones for the Hetreck stories, too!). Needed to be done. The image was paid for, so what the hell. Maybe it’s my screwed up 10pm perspective.

This story had a meeting with my boss in the middle. The writing split into 1300 and 2100 words. I have no clue whether this is any good. Coming up with a plot arc is tricky sometimes. One of the upsides of doing 308 per year is that I can screw up an individual story, use it as a learning experience and do not need to let it affect me in any way.

Did I fail on this one? I sure did.

Will I fail again, tomorrow? Sure will. Only tomorrow, I will fail better.


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  1. Really? The cover’s not that bad. What you learned today will stay with you for the stories you write from now on. Not a bad price to pay for one day’s work…

    (If I already commented on this, pick the one you like best and post it. LOL.)

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