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The skies are out to kill you

September 23, 2011


Not just a science fiction story, but an accurate prediction of our future! Automatic killer drones will drop down from the sky and harvest humans! Repent… or something! :-P


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  1. …Or falling NASA satellites..!

    Good job on finishing another one!

    • lol. True.
      Thanks for the constant words of encouragement! :-)
      How is your writing going? Couldn’t you announce your finished stories as well?

  2. I’m really falling short on Heinlein’s #2, I know. I kept dithering until I hit a low point. After a week of misery, I’ve figured out why (expectations and other assorted mental self-handicapping), so hopefully I’ll be able to post a “finished” story, if not two, today. :)

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