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#back in business – 49 free days left

September 27, 2011

Giving up on television has allowed me to write an easy three thousand words today. Still not a finished story. The story will be finished and online tomorrow.

Still battling myself not to watch the Weeds series finale due today. The horrors.

And I have social obligations to attend to today, taking out a painful chunk of my writing time.

At any rate, I will not rest until I have my 5000 words a day back. That’s what I want. Seven stories a week. Ideally more, so I can win back some free days.


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  1. Thomas E permalink

    Good luck, Eric.

    I think getting back on the horse when you fall off it is what will determine whether you can do this. Personally, I think you can. I’m going for a more traditional approach myself – been building up slowly, 20k in june, 35k in july, 22k in August, and 70k written this month.

    Most days this month I have written at least 2k.

    Seeing you get to the really prolific paces of 3,4 and 5k a day is inspirational.

    • Thank you for your confidence, Thomas. No one has ever called something I do inspirational, before. Not sure if I deserve that tag. :-)
      I believe us newbie writers should stick together. Give each other some support. At the moment that would mean me and Sam Lee.
      So please feel free to stop by more often. Especially since, judging by your own account, you seem to be anything but unprolific yourself.

  2. WTG on breaking through the block, Eric! I seem to have a hard time getting back to 5k/day, too, but I’ll get there.

    Thomas E, hi! I agree with Eric (obviously, lol)–churn the stories out and support each other. Besides, it’s more fun with buddies. Great job on upping your wordcount. You’re right up there with Eric on production! :)

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