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#work – 43 free days left

October 6, 2011

Bad situation. And probably still tomorrow. I can make up with more writing along the way, but, for now, the damage is done.


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  1. Hope things will look up soon on that front! Nice strategy to plan for work-intrudes days…all’s going according to plan, so that’s good. On the bright side, you can catch up on reading and TV and plotting if you have any energy before crashing, right? :D

    BTW, you are like the second writer I’ve seen taking up a short story challenge and seeking a story production system to possibly speed things up. Have you looked at Jim Butcher’s story sheets or Cannell’s 3-act structure article to see if any of that works for you? I find those two and a couple of other ones particularly helpful for when I’m writing and get stuck or feel like I don’t know what to do next.

    • Always grateful for your never-ending wealth of useful links. Cannell’s 3-act structure I have studied (it was in the links on your blog). I found the following for Butcher:
      Is that what you meant?
      I will definitely read it in my break.

  2. That’s it! Hope you find it useful. :)

  3. Oh, yeah. Another thing I noticed is that on days you don’t have enough juice to write a whole story nose to tail, why not do other publisher-hat work instead, like 5- and 10-/plus story collections, and figuring out how to het an account on Amazon KDP? AFAIK you haven’t done even 1 of those and it’s something on your business plan task list. ;-)

    It’s like Howard at Writing Excuses said…when artist-me is throwing a fit or is out of juice for the day, try to do the work that publisher-me needs doing. Works for me, lol.

    • Go ask the IRS. ;)
      I can’t publish anything on Amazon until I got an American tax number. Haven’t heard from them for almost two months now.

  4. I think JB’s LJ is pretty awesome, too. I’ve yet to be able to pre-plan the scenes and sequels as he suggests; I need more practice!

    As for Amazon/accounting, I’m not sure how she did it, but isn’t at least one DWS blog commenter (Cora Buhlert) in Germany, with an account? It might be worth it to see if she can drop some hints on how she did it.

    Don’t get me started on the IRS! lol.

    • Waited a couple of months till the forms went through, I gather. :-P

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