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#Nothing finished – 39 free days left.

October 10, 2011

Try again. Fail better.

Establishing the rhythm from zero now.


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  1. Waitjustaminute….are you prejudging your output? If it’s got a beginning, middle, and some sort of ending, even yesterday’s GAU event, then no excuses, no judging your own stuff, put that sucker up and just write the next story.

    Your goal is to go through a lot of stories (by finishing/putting them up), remember? Same here. I just realized myself that I’m very glad to have done this challenge this year, because even though I’m only sitting at 10 stories done so far, that’s 9 times more that I went through “how to finish a story” and repeatedly running into my craft weaknesses that I had to bone up on to continue. If I’d just tried to write a novel this year, I might still be lost on Chapter 3, Rewrite 30 and telling myself that I’ll figure out how to write the story eventually. :P Instead, I’m learning from repetition and error-fixing.

    Besides, I need my high-production writing buddy! Just get those words out! (Not to burden you with crushing pressure or anything, lol.) Just get ’em done, put ’em up, and write the next story.

    I’ll take some of my own advice and go write now. LOL.)

  2. Thomas E permalink


    My challenge to you: write the worst most hackneyed, tasteless science fiction story you can comprehend. Chose a new pen name. Put it up, anyway.

    Use this pen name for only the stories you think are bad.

    Don’t tell anyone else that this pen name belongs to you. Just put the crap stories up under that pen name, regardless of how you think about them.

    • Already on it. And “Jeremy Callari” is not my real name. ;-P
      Since you refer to D.W. Smith, I got another quote “Writers are the worst judges of their own work.”. Until I hit a million, I am going to assume everything I write is not professional grade (“publishable” in old-world-speak).

      The only reason I violated the second rule was because I was doing something really experimental. But you and Sam are right. I should just finish it. No matter.

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