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#Inner critic – 35 free days left

October 14, 2011

Sonnuvabitch just won’t die.


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  1. Johannes permalink

    Sonnuvabitch shoukd get wasted from time to time.
    Worked for a whole lot of great autors.

  2. As Troy from SWAMP PEOPLE would say, “Shoot ‘im! Shoot ‘im!” Shoot ‘im, Eric!

    That’s right, folks…I’ll be here all week.


    • Sign number 43 that you are watching waaaay too much TV… Swamp People?

      And yes, I am well aware how hypocritical I am being right there. :-P

      Also, thanks for your support.

  3. In my defense (puny as it is) I only watched 1.5 seasons…lol. ‘Welcome, and ditto. :-D

    Johannes, from what I’ve read, alcohol and writers mix about as safely as matches and dynamite. LOL.

    • I distinctively remember a scene from Californication. I think posting it here will constitute fair use. This shows a writer who has just been exposed to the magic of ethanol.

      Quod erat demonstrandum. ;-)

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