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A Thousand Stories Slumbering in Liquid Nitrogen

October 16, 2011

Good news everyone! I just looked up ‘hackneyed’ in the dictionary. I think hard SF (like centipedes drawing Kevlar-enforced coaches, for example) is just not the medium to write something truly hackneyed. I will have to write some Space Opera next.


Anybody here read the Jack Daniels novels? Detective Sara Mulligan is of course in no way similiar to Det. Jacqueline Daniels. Parallels are purely coincidental. (The latter part is actually true.)

Also Detective Mulligan seems to be interviewing a Mad Scientist Phineas Troutt.

Having finished “Shaken” last week, I am now on a Pratchett binge. So for those reading these stories, the results could become… interesting.

*Humming “Don’t fear the reaper”*


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  1. There’s hackneyed stuff in every genre established enough to be called one! I suppose you could do a sword & sworcery after the space opera, lol.

    Haven’t read either, because I never got into either. Pratchett and Douglas Adams both, come to think. I love Brit TV comedy though, go figure!

    • Read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy”, the first book and maybe the second. Pratchett I would start with “Going Postal”, as all writers do, he got better with practice (good before, unbelievable later on).

  2. I’ll take another tilt at them, then. Thanks for the recs.

    …I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day thanks to you! lol.

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