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#Not giving up – 30 free days left

October 21, 2011

Still structuring a new approach, doing some soul searching and whatnot. 70 hour weeks take some adjustment on my parts, especially to keep them up long term.

Far away from giving up. Not sure I ever would.

I am going to curse this period later in 2012, but it’s something that needs to be done.


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  1. Hang in there, Eric! Life happens, and it’s no use beating yourself up about it until you can figure out where and how to sneak in the writing. Besides, it’s helpful to have a job while you get your writing practice in. :)

    If all else fails, you could go back to writing erotica stories for practice when the brain hits the wall on SFF. You might be choking yourself, as it were… :D

    • I suspect genre is not what is bothering me. 99% of the issues I have encountered so far were happening between my ears. No progress bar on solving mental issues however. Just tiny glimpses of what one might become that keep up motivation.
      Thanks for yet another pep talk, Sam! :)

  2. Thomas E permalink

    Hm, I decided to start in April this year, wrote 50,000 words that month, 40,000 words in May, 20,000 in June, 38,000 in July, 33,000 in august, 76,000 in September, 57,300 words so far this month.

    In June, July, and August, I wasn’t actually writing that much most days – nowhere near your target. But even a thousand words a day really adds up.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that it is the mental issues that are slowing me down. From a practical perspective, I know I could write 5,000 words a day. I have done so. But at the moment, if I tried to do that every day it would probably stop me writing anything.

    But I no longer find it hard to write 500 words. I suspect you don’t either. If you can write 500 words a day, you can finish 2 novels a year. That’s fast in science fiction. And the truth is, most days once you sit down to write your 500 words, you will find you write more than that. But if not, you’ve still completed your task for the day.

    What I am saying is that rather than your current goal, which might be too high for you, it might be worth considering replacing it with a smaller goal in the short term, which you can hit every single day, and which slowly builds into becoming a professional writer.

    As it gets to the point hitting one goal becomes easy, you slide you goals a little, until you are doing impossible things.

  3. I agree. Great points, Thomas. Taking some of the pressure off of yourself lets you build up to a bigger goal while you make it a habit.

    Thomas E, you need a blog so we can visit! :)

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