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#still messing around – 29 free days left

October 22, 2011

Still no TV. New episode of Supernatural. Doesn’t bother me.

Finished “Making Money”. I will probably go into the Guards series now.

Nanowrimo is looming on the horizon. And indeed there is a novel brewing, in the back of my head. Tiny fragments are becoming bigger fragments. I get glimpses at a bigger storyline.

And Thomas is right. I can only keep up motivation if I am more flexible with my goals. Not that I am going to dial them down, though.


What has kept me motivated in the first couple of weeks was that my goal is not arbitrary in any way. It is the consequence of semi-mathematical thought. How to reach a salary of 100,000€ per year in a time period of ten years. All writing money.

What I neglected was to adapt these goals when I got myself more data and… wisdom.

I am so curious if the saying about a million words is true. So curious that I am going to find out.


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