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October 31, 2011

Did I mention I have no idea how to write a novel?

Nanowrimo has changed its site up a bit. I am still figuring out what link I need to give you. Here is my nick:


Excuse the umlaut. Translates to Eric Thunder-Beetle.

Unfortunately, that is not my real last name.


Update: Try this on for size.


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  1. Thomas E permalink

    Friday evening Nano update time.

    I’ve been writing my Nano words on 750 words, and have got to 9100 so far (first week down). I think that is pretty steady progress. A bit slower than I could have made, to be honest, but OK.

  2. Don’t fret, Eric. As LB says, it’s just like a short story, just longer. ;-)

    Great job, Thomas! I’m going to be representing the slacker element here, with not even a novel idea decided on yet. It’s novel-writing month, and of course, my short stories decide they want to get up and dance. *grump*

    Never fear, I’ll think of something. I can’t have nothing to report again next Friday/Sunday!

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