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December 6, 2011

I have new plans, new approaches.

I am in the process of starting a Pen&Paper RPG group (Bask in the glow of my nerdiness! :D ). I am plotting it episodically.

The old fire burns again. Obsessively writing out the stories. Hours on end. And it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, more like something I am supposed to be doing. It comes as natural as breathing to me. Gods, I missed this.

Also: From established writers I heard that doing this is exactly the same as plotting a novel. Figure out a hook, continue to raise the stakes, keep an eye on character motivation,etc.

This will be better than any critique group as well. People are listening, instead of waiting for their turn to read their story. They are also more honest with their reaction, if you pay attention.

Are their eyes wandering around the room? Are they playing with their dice? Are they drawing stuff? They are bored. Time for Chandler’s Rule.

Are they hanging on your lips? Are they fully engaged in their roles? Are they waiting anxiously for the opportunity to make their next move? U r doing it rite! :)


But of course this only a temporary solution. Just another exercise. Eventually I will have to do something that pays money again.  Here is someone who gives me a new way to write novels. Perhaps more in line with my obsessive sprint-writer streak.



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