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Just why 308?


A short story sells at $0.99. For each sale I get about $0.40 (Smashwords pays double, Amazon pays about $0.37 if I recall correctly).

Furthermore there will be collections of five, sold at $2.99, making me $2 per sale.

Furtherfurthermore there will be collections of ten, selling at $4.99, making $3.50 per sale, but I am going to assume they don’t sell a single copy. As a safety net.

I plan to average five sales a month on every story and collections.

How come? Well…

  • The story will be available at all markets, around the world (Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Sony, Apple, Diesel, Barnes&Nobles, Scrollmotion and every other market I can find for myself)
  • An established writer with mad writing skills averages 10 sales per month, at the moment.
  • The market share of electronic books is 15% right now and expected to go up to 50% in just two years. Electronic sales are growing beyond any previous scale in this industry.
  • Erotica (in general) sells better than any other genre I would want to write in (in general). Also: sophomorically written erotica, is still decent erotica.
  • The trick is: Not selling (or even promoting) individual stories, but putting a huge inventory out there so people can buy themselves through when they like the material.
  • I also improve with practice. Basic, but we are talking about 1.2 million words a year.

So, once again:

  • Five sales per each individual short story
  • Five sales for each collection of five
  • Zero sales for each collection of ten (safety net)

That means, each collected title averages me: 5 * $0.40 for individual sales, plus $2 / 5 * 5  as a part of a collection. That means, each short story I write will net me $4 a month, eventually.

So why 308 a year?

308 * $4 = $1232 which roughly equals 900€ a month. Enough for my living expenses.

I do not plan to stop after hitting the mark. Most likely I will even try to increase the speed to meet my goals more easily. Following my math, I could hit a 100€k/year salary in ten years…

Wanna use the same plan for yourself? Be my guest. Please contact me, too, so we can exchange experiences. Writers don’t compete. Writers compete against the field of living and dead writers as a whole combined with the lure of television, movies, video games and *gasp* social interaction. Two writers who write similiar stuff on the other hand have been known to boost each other’s sales by cross-contamination (Compare the “Buyers who bought this, also bought” by Amazon. Best bookselling mechanism I know.). So yes, please give a ring. The more writers with some sense in their heads we can bring together, the better for everybody.

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