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#still messing around – 29 free days left

Still no TV. New episode of Supernatural. Doesn’t bother me.

Finished “Making Money”. I will probably go into the Guards series now.

Nanowrimo is looming on the horizon. And indeed there is a novel brewing, in the back of my head. Tiny fragments are becoming bigger fragments. I get glimpses at a bigger storyline.

And Thomas is right. I can only keep up motivation if I am more flexible with my goals. Not that I am going to dial them down, though.


What has kept me motivated in the first couple of weeks was that my goal is not arbitrary in any way. It is the consequence of semi-mathematical thought. How to reach a salary of 100,000€ per year in a time period of ten years. All writing money.

What I neglected was to adapt these goals when I got myself more data and… wisdom.

I am so curious if the saying about a million words is true. So curious that I am going to find out.


#Not giving up – 30 free days left

Still structuring a new approach, doing some soul searching and whatnot. 70 hour weeks take some adjustment on my parts, especially to keep them up long term.

Far away from giving up. Not sure I ever would.

I am going to curse this period later in 2012, but it’s something that needs to be done.

#Withdrawal – 31 free days left

Weird withdrawal symptons. I saw Neil Patrick Harris in a microwave tortilla again.

I basically read all day now, not counting my day job. From the distance I got now, I can trace the downward slope in my productivity to the point where I told myself  “Watching a movie will surely help me with my writing!”.

Back to the basics. No writing short stories without reading short stories. Every day.

#Kill your television – 32 free days left

Stopped watching TV shows and movies yesterday afternoon. My reading instantly tripled. Finished “Reaper Man”,50 pages into “Making Money” now (Spoil and die ;-P).

I used to work on a story and think: Wow, I have gotten so much down. I deserve to watch an episode of “The Shield” now.

Now I think: Wow, I got that down. Let’s work on it some more. And then some more. Until it’s finished.

You change your environment. Your environment changes you. You become a new person wanting completely different things. Life is interesting.

#distracted – 33 free days left

Stupid reproductional drive.

On an unrelated note:

Hi Christine! :-)

#Bug fix – 34 free days left

Spent the day hunting a bug (I do like keeping my day job, it paying the rent and everything). Was a mean one, too. Well hidden. Not that easy to repair, either.

There is still time left. I will have to decide between getting a little more work done to unclog the next writing days or churn out another one thousand words to get a kickstart for tomorrow.

A Thousand Stories Slumbering in Liquid Nitrogen

Good news everyone! I just looked up ‘hackneyed’ in the dictionary. I think hard SF (like centipedes drawing Kevlar-enforced coaches, for example) is just not the medium to write something truly hackneyed. I will have to write some Space Opera next.


Anybody here read the Jack Daniels novels? Detective Sara Mulligan is of course in no way similiar to Det. Jacqueline Daniels. Parallels are purely coincidental. (The latter part is actually true.)

Also Detective Mulligan seems to be interviewing a Mad Scientist Phineas Troutt.

Having finished “Shaken” last week, I am now on a Pratchett binge. So for those reading these stories, the results could become… interesting.

*Humming “Don’t fear the reaper”*